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Hawthorn Class

Welcome to Hawthorn Class Home Working Page. 

Easter Ideas

Easter Letter

Design your Own Easter Eggs            Easter Chick Paper Model

Easter Egg Greetings Cards               Easter Jokes Matching Activity

Easter Recipe Booklet                       Spring Colouring Bookmarks

Easter Multiplication Mosaics             Easter Multiplication Mosaics Differentiated Activity 

Emoji Easter Holiday Wrtieup            Easter Spelling Patterns


French Home Learning

Please try and do some sessions from this link

French Work Sheet

 Home working for week 30.3.20.

Cover Letter

Monday        Power point - Area of a Parallelogram   Year 5 and 6 Task - Area of a Parallelogram 

Tuesday       Power point - Volume                          Year 5 Task - What is Volume    

                                                                             Year 6 Task - Volume    

Wednesday   Power point - Volume of a cuboid        Year 5 and 6 Task - Volume of a cuboid

Thursday                                                              Year 5 Task - Reasoning           

                                                                             Year 6 Task - Reasoning Volume

Friday                                                                   Year 5 and 6 Task - Reasoning of a parallelogram 

                                                                             Year 5 and 6 Task - Reasoning volume of  a cuboid

Guided Reading Tasks                                                                                             

Y5 SPAG 1             Y6 SPAG 1

Y5 SPAG 2             Y6 SPAG 2

Y5 SPAG 3            Y6 SPAG 3

Y5 SPAG 4             Y6 SPAG 4

Y5 SPAG 5             Y6 SPAG 5

 Y5 SPAG 6            Y6 SPAG 6

Home Activity Grid

Anderson Shelter Paper Model


Home working for week 23.3.20.

Maths Plan

Monday Y5/6 Step 5              Monday Y5 Area of Rectangles                Monday Y6 Area of Triangles 1      

Tuesday Y5/6 Step 6             Tuesday Y5 Area of Compound Shapes    Tuesday Y6 Area of Triangles 2

Wednesday y5/6 Step 7         Wednesday Y5 Area of Irregular Shapes   Wednesday Y6 Area of Triangle 3


Timetable for parent     Planning for Week          

The United Nations   WW2 main events   Wartime recipe Booklet   UN Emblem Sheet