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School Letters

Here are copies of school letters sent home for parents.

Parent's Evening

January Re-Opening

Roof update - 15.12.23

Spring term 1 Clubs letter

CAMHS Workshop Letter

Rotary Club Shoebox Appeal

Parents Evening

2022 - 2023

PTA Summer JAM Letter

Policy Changes

French Breakfast

Clubs Letter

Industrial Action and World Book Day (sent 10th March)

Industrial Action and World Book Day

Letter from Bramble Class - Aliens and Astronauts

Spring 2 Clubs Letter

Chartwells Order System

Strike Action

Behaviour Policy Letter

Trial Flute Lesson

Chartwells - Pancake Day

JC Sports Wrap Round Care


Children's Concert

Wraparound Care

St Marys' Christmas Fair

Changes to Clubs

JC Sports Christmas Holiday Camps

Christmas Lunch

Headlice letter

Parent's Evening

Harvest Festival

Dear parents,

 Please read the covering letter and RSE policy (attached). You may click here to answer our parental survey.

 With many thanks,

 Kerry Hill


School Dog

Rotary Club Shoebox Appeal

Welcome Back

 Bramble  letters 2022 - 2023

Reception children - Bedtime Storytime

Reception children -

Our Special things                    Friday 13th January 2023


Dear parents and carers,

 As part of our RE topic this term ‘Special things’ we would like you to support your children to find a special item to share NEXT TUESDAY 17th JANUARY. The item will be returned on the same day.

We have talked about what things are special to us and here is our list which may give you ideas of something your child could bring in to share- please note this should be an item that is precious, special or unique and the children should be able to talk about why it is special to them or your family.

Please do not send very valuable or delicate items in case they get lost or broken! However you could always take a photo of the item and send it to the office to print instead….


Special cuddly toys we take to bed

 Pictures or things we have made, or someone made for us.

 Special books





Thank you for your support


Mrs Oiller


Class Newsletter

 Elderflower letters 2022 - 2023

Pyjama Day

Class Newsletter

 Rosehip letters 2022 - 2023

TWA Newsletter

CYE Letter

Homework 14.11.22

Homework 1.11.22

Homework 17.10.22

Homework 10.10.22

Homework 3.10.22

Class Newsletter

Hawthorn letters 2022 - 2023