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Our School Dog - Hettie the sproodle



Meet Hettie, our school dog. She's a sproodle, which is a cross between a springer spaniel and a poodle. Sproodles are intelligent, sociable and affectionate by nature, and Hettie is no different. She is also hypoallergenic, meaning she does not shed her coat and therefore, does not cause irritation to those with allergies.




Hettie is in training at the moment so only comes into school 2 or 3 times a week either for a morning or an afternoon. She stays in Mrs Titley's office while she gets used to the smells and noises of school.



From time to time Mrs Titley walks Hettie up and down the corridor.

     She also visits the classrooms. 



 Hettie enjoying her half term with a friend on the beach.





Hettie and Mrs Titley wearing something red for Comic Relief  

Children can benefit educationally and emotionally, increase their understanding of responsibility and develop empathy and nurturing skills through contact with a dog. In addition to these benefits, children (and staff!) take great enjoyment from interaction with a dog.